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goGPS During the last stages of development of the release 1.0 of goGPS MATLAB, the creation of the documentation necessary to let users try our software was of primary importance. We created the new incarnation of goGPS to limit most of the effort required to process RINEX files, but this doesn’t mean that using goGPS is simple. More are the options implemented more are the description needed to let anyone use the software.

I created this website to host the wiki pages stored on GitHub, to contribute to the documentation one can directly modify the original GitHub wiki pages, but the modification there won’t be immediately propagated to this website. The documentation present in here is a mirror created with mkdocs.

When I started porting goGPS to a more organized version, I never imagined we end up rewriting almost the entire code of the software. Together with Eugenio Realini first, and with the addition of Giulio Tagliaferro to our team, we learned a lot about various GNSS processing techniques. From the scientific literature, we implemented various known techniques adapting many methods to our needs and developing further some approaches. There are some non-trivial solutions maybe not worthy of a proper paper that deserves to be shared. Whit the help of time, I hope we will be able to reveal part of them on these pages.

Last but not least, using this website, we will be able to share some advanced experiments disclosing the power of goGPS.

Visit the Wiki pages for the documentation of the software, and feel free to open an issue on the GitHub page if you find any bugs.

To conclude this first post, I would like to express my thanks to all the people helped to create the current version goGPS and acknowledge the company where I work (Geomatics Research and Developpment - GReD) for the support in the development let us keep part of our development open-source and available to the community.

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