goGPS 1.0 Open Edition


Welcome to the goGPS wiki pages, here we will try to write useful information for users and developers.

goGPS is a software created for processing GNSS raw data. It was originally written specifically to work with GPS single-frequency low-cost receivers but now it can fully exploit multi-constellation, multi-frequency, multi-tracking observations. goGPS implements multiple algorithms to analyze the data, and at the moment these include two main Least Squares (LS) engines: one working on combination of observables (e.g. iono-free observations) and one able to use all the frequencies and trackings logged without performing any combinations (ionospheric delay are parameters of the normal equations). The combined and uncombined engines can both compute Precise Point Positioning (PPP) solutions and Network adjustments (NET).

Note: At the moment the software is focused on the processing of permanent stations (geodetic or low-cost) but it does not yet include the possibility to analyze moving receivers.

Index of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Settings
  4. Command language
  5. How to create a new project

Coding goGPS

For a bit old presentation on the goGPS coding have a look at this presentation: Coding goGPS